SUNDAYS  :: starting  JUNE 11 :: 10AM-2PM

* Our menus change a little bit everyday - here are some dishes you may see this week *

BRUNCH (limited edition)

Underground Meats charcuterie board, goat salami, soppressata, pistachio mortadella, pickles, mustard,  olives & bread    20

pickled herring, smoked whitefish spread, cured trout, spring radish, herb salad, assorted crackers  26 ... with bagels 30


ny strip steak, ramp chimichurri, poached eggs, buttered toast    16

Underground Meats sausage links, Pleasant Ridge Reserve grits, poached eggs, buttered toast  14

soft scrambled eggs, cured trout, herb salad, buttered toast  13

poached egg, asparagus, bok choy, onion, shiitake broth, sunflower seed pistou, buttered toast   12


bagel 2

bagel + cream cheese  3

everything bagel, cream cheese, radish & herb salad  7 ...   with Underground Meats genoa salami  10

everything bagel, cured trout, cream cheese, capers, red onion & lemon   10

everything bagel, smoked whitefish spread, herb & sunflower seed salad, pickled vegetables 12


Underground Meats breakfast sausage links   6

Underground Meats bacon   6

cheddar and ramp soft egg breakfast muffin 8

bacon & marmalade toast   6

ricotta & marmalade toast   5

fried potatoes, herb aioli, pickled mustard seed   6

salanova lettuce , pickled onion, radish, sorrel vinaigrette  8

cinnamon roll, cream cheese icing  6