* Our menu changes a little bit everyday - here are some dishes you may see this week *


cheddarwurst, dijon mustard   4

charcuterie board pickles, mustard, olives & bread   13 / 20


smoked whitefish salad, leek aioli, celeriac, radish, meyer lemon, rye 9

puffed beef tendon with sea salt & sumac   5

cheese plate, honey, nuts, jam & bread   10


crispy potatoes, herb and pepper aioli*, pickled mustard seed   6

fried mushrooms, shallot vinaigrette, black garlic, cilantro   12

beet & bulgar risotto, roasted gold beet, meyer lemon gremolata   8

celeriac & parsnip remoulade*, pickled celeriac, sourdough baguette   8

baby romaine, blue cheese, bacon, celery   8


carrot & rye spaghetti, smoked carrot butter, chickpea miso, shallots, parsley, pepita   16

winter squash, heirloom beans, shiitake, mushroom broth,
sunflower herb pistou, ricotta   16

savory butter pastry, onion & thyme cream sauce, root vegetables   14


flat iron steak, braised onion, onion bordelaise   27

pork chop, black shallot butter, onion caramel, root vegetable   34

boudin blanc, crispy bread pudding, cabbage, beer mustard   24

crispy trout, smoked fumé, pickled lemon, poppy seed   22


M-F  4:30-6PM (or until sold out)

thin & crispy double cheeseburgers 5 for one  / 9 for two / 13 for three

hard shell tacos 5 for two




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